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St8er: complete, haalbare en betaalbare Marketing/Communicatie voor startende en jonge bedrijven

St8er staat voor complete, betaalbare en haalbare Marketing/Communicatie voor startende en jonge bedrijven (< 5 jaar). Van eenmanszaak tot MKB en tech-startup, St8er regelt alle marketing/communicatie.

We maken websites en webshops, ontwerpen logo’s, schrijven teksten, regelen publiciteit en verzorgen foto’s, video’s en reclamemateriaal. We geven daarnaast professioneel en praktisch advies aan starters over alles dat met marketing/communicatie en PR te maken heeft.

Voor startende ondernemingen is het vaak een lastige klus om de marketing/communicatie op de rit te krijgen. De meeste starters zijn al druk genoeg met het van de grond krijgen van hun core business. Tegelijkertijd is goede, onderscheidende marketingcommunicatie onmisbaar voor een goede start. Hoe gaan klanten jouw onderneming straks vinden? En hoe zorg je ervoor dat ze hun geld bij jou uitgeven in plaats van bij de concurrent? Het antwoord: marketing/communicatie. Laat je zien, wees vindbaar en kom goed voor de dag. St8er helpt startende ondernemers en jonge ondernemingen (5 jaar en jonger) hier met veel plezier bij.

St8er staat je bij op een praktische, pragmatische en doelgerichte manier. Geen halve diensten en producten, maar realistische projecten van begin tot eind. We kunnen hoge service en kwaliteit leveren dankzij onze slimme benadering doen voor vriendelijke prijzen die rekening houden met het budget van de startende onderneming.

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We developed PACT: a platelet activation test based on flow cytometry, a well-recognized and established platform in clinical diagnostics.

PACT analyses platelet function through standardized flow cytometric assessment of platelet activation markers using nanobodies. Its nanobody-based technology allows for simultaneous assessment of multiple platelet activation pathways and activation parameters.

It is an easy-to-use, fast and robust diagnostic test providing results from blood collection to clinical diagnosis in less than 2 hours. Since PACT requires only a minimal amount of blood, it provides a patient friendly means of platelet function testing. Furthermore, PACT is the only diagnostic platelet function test that is not affected by platelet count.

The PACT test kit contains platelet-activating reagents, nanobodies, internal calibration standards and buffers, and U-PACT offers training and support to allow fast and efficient implementation in clinical diagnostic laboratories.

PACT test benefits:

  • Excellent performance characteristics in samples with low platelet count
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Requires minimal amounts of blood
  • Predict bleeding risk in patients with low platelet counts

More information

Bleeding is a common side effect of chemotherapy in leukemia patients. At present, it is impossible to accurately predict which patient will bleed and which patient will not.

As a precaution, hematologists therefore treat all patients with platelet transfusions when their platelet count drops below 5% of normal. This is a heavy burden on the healthcare budget of hospitals.

More importantly, platelet transfusions are associated with a substantial health risk for the receiving patients and should thus be limited to those patients at risk of bleeding. Clinical trials show that platelet function is a better predictor of bleeding risk than the platelet count. But there is no reliable diagnostic test available that can determine platelet function at low platelet counts. U-PACT is the first to offer a platelet function test that addresses this need.

Read more about the scientific and medical backgrounds of our solution.

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Our solution saves social healthcare costs. Platelet transfusions in the Netherlands alone, are associated with costs exceeding € 250,000,000.

In 2012, leukemia was diagnosed in over 82,000 people in Europe, 7,000 of these in the Netherlands. Treatment for leukemia consists of chemotherapy that destroys the blood cells.

This includes the destruction of platelets – the cells that prevent bleeding, which is why leukemia patients are at risk of bleeding. As a precaution to prevent life-threatening bleeds, hematologists transfuse all leukemia patients with donor platelets when the platelet count drops below 5% of normal.

This leads to the annual consumption of 130,000 units of platelets in the Netherlands, which is almost half of the total number of platelet units that are produced.

Platelet transfusions carry multiple health risks such as fever and allergic reactions for the receiving patient and are associated with healthcare costs exceeding € 250 M for the Netherlands alone.

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Managing Board

Martin Hessing

Martin Hessing

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Hessing is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in startups, including AM-Pharma, Pathofinder, BiOrion Technologies, and U-Protein Express. He has a background in Biochemistry and Haematology-Immunology, resulting in a PhD from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, followed by post-doc positions at Kyushu University in Japan, and Sanquin in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has work and management experience at the TNO-Nutrition and Food Research Institute, and Organon Teknika (now BioMérieux) industry.

Suzanne Korporaal

Suzanne Korporaal

Chief Operational Officer

Suzanne Korporaal is a platelet biologist with a PhD in haematology from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She has a background in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (Leiden University). She held post-doc positions at the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU), and the Leiden Academic Center Of Drug Research (LACDR) on the impact of hyperlipidemia on platelet biology. She currently holds a position as Assistant Professor at the department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology of the UMCU, where her research focuses on (diagnostics of) platelet (dys)function and related bleeding disorders.

Rolf Urbanus

Rolf Urbanus

Chief Scientific Officer

Rolf Urbanus is a biochemist with a PhD in haematology. He holds a position as an Assistant Professor at the department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology of the UMCU. Dr. Urbanus is a principle investigator in the Circulatory Health program of the UMCU. His research interests include bleeding disorders due to platelet dysfunction and he is frequently consulted by haematologists for diagnostics of complex bleeding disorders. He currently focuses on the implementation of nanobody technology in molecular diagnostics of these complex disorders.

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